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DPD Customer Service
0870 046 9512

Get in touch with the DPD service providers for immediate support services by dialling the DPD Customer Service number on 0870 046 9512 or call their Telephone number 0121 275 0500 from any standard UK landline or mobile phone. DPD is one of the United Kingdom’s leading delivery services, and it can easily satisfy all your distribution needs whether your delivery is for the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the worlds.

About DPD

DPD Customer Service

The company operates a ground-based service for Europe and also operates an Air Express services for the rest of the world so that it can satisfy the logistics needs of people from all around the world. DPD also has the information and technology systems to provide a seamless service for all its customers. DPD helpline also offers a free online service called My DPD for account holders; this service makes the entire shopping process easier for all large-scale and small business. The service also updates you with the latest news on your account and the package which helps the customer to be entirely up to date about the delivery which he made.

DPD is a renowned name in the field of logistics and express delivery services it has served many customers worldwide with superiority and excellence. Also, you can contact them at the DPD Helpline at any time for any queries. You can call the service team if you are facing some issues with the services of the company. You just need to dial the DPD Customer Service number on 0870 046 9512, and you will get proper assistance. Alternatively, you can visit the main website of the company for detailed information about the services and policies of DHD. The company leaves no stone unturned in satisfying their valuable clients in all terms of quality and satisfaction. You just need to get in touch with them through a chat session or via telephonic call.

About DPD Customer Service

DPD Customer Service number

Various services are being supplied by DPD to its clients around the globe. To state some, they are; express delivery which allows delivering items to the required destinations on time and with security. Other services are international mail and logistics to help customer and clients to stop worrying about their parcels and items to improve the overall consumer experience. The company offers superior courier services that are eventually hard to match. You can visit the official website of the business for more details regarding the services and their availability in your area. Also, you can call the DPD contact number on 0870 046 9512 and get proper assistance with ease. The service providers ensure adequate satisfaction for their valuable clients regarding comfort and quality. You can also write an email concerning your issues that you are facing with the services of the company.

To write an email, you need to visit the main website of the company and click on the contact page where you will get the option to send an email. Make sure that you mention your correct contact details so that the service team can easily get back to you for resolving any issue that you are facing. Furthermore, you can also have a chat session with the service executives to get proper guidance related to tracking of a shipment. Some people prefer to visit the main office of the company to ensure proper safety of their package. The company ensures that your package is properly packed and sent in a reliable mode of transportation. You can visit the nearest office of the company to inquire about your orders and their tracking details.

DPD Service Address

You can always visit their head office or write to them at the following address

Registered office:

PO Box 6979,

Roebuck Lane,


West Midlands,

B66 1BN

DPD Customer Service Experience

DPD is one of the leading courier service providers in the United Kingdom serving millions of customers globally. You can reach the company’s official website and seek help if you are facing some issues while using the services of the enterprise. DPD ensures that their precious clients are served with the best in class service experience and that too at affordable prices. Moreover, you can call the DPD customer service on 0870 046 9512, and you will get instant help and support for all your queries and questions. The company is known for their quick and reliable delivery services that are tough to match. You can visit the main website of the company for information about the availability of the services in your location as the company offers easy pickup from the doorstep.

DPD Courier Customer Service

If you are seeking for superior courier services at affordable prices, undoubtedly, DPD is the ideal choice. You can send your valuables and documents with ease without worrying about the safety and overall time required. The company offers great courier services, and you can rely on them as they provide adequate information about the shipment through an online system. You can easily use the online tracking system by visiting the main website of the company and click on the track. If you face any difficulties in tracking the parcel, you can contact the service team by calling the DPD telephone number on 0870 046 9512, and you will get instant guidance. Furthermore, you can also ask tracking details from the service executives, and they will help you out in each scenario.

Some people prefer to seek help on an email. You can write an email concerning your queries and send it to the registered mail id of the company. Make sure to mention the correct contact details in the email so that the service team can easily get in touch with you through a call. Also, you can have a chat session with the support team by clicking on the contact page over the main site.

DPD Delivery Customer Service

The company offers superior transportation services for both commercials as well as personal usage. Numerous companies have tie-ups with DPD for their reasonable service requirement for global purposes. Also, you can use the services for your personal use and quickly send a parcel containing your valuables and another item from one place to another at affordable prices. You can also compare the prices of different service providers online and then choose the one that suits you and fits your budget. You can opt for secure pickup facility by getting in touch with the service providers. If you are seeking for a package from the DPD courier services, you can also adjust the delivery date, time, and place as per your convenience. The primary DPD contact number is 0871 872 7162, and you can call them during the business hours.

Alternatively, you can visit the official website of DPD to inquire about the services and to have a chat session with the customer care service providers. The service executives will properly guide you in getting the things done efficiently.

DPD Tracking Customer Service

The company offers the finest tracking services for the sake of their valuable clients. You can easily track your shipment by visiting the website and clicking on track. Make sure to enter your correct purchase id and number to get the relevant results. You can easily change the day and time of the delivery by contacting the service team on the official DPD phone number i.e. 0871 872 7162 and get instant support. You can also ask for the current status of your shipment. Also, you can write an email to the company for any other general inquiries.


Useful Tips

There are different services because of which there are different numbers on which you can contact the DPD Helpline at any time. If you want to know your one-hour delivery window or rearrange your delivery

Here are some of the other contact helpline numbers of the company. You can reach the support team as per the department.

08445 560 560 or 0121 275 0500

0844 824 0555 or 0121 275 0501

International parcel inquiry

0845 9 300 350 or 0121 336 4880

International mail inquiry

0845 9 505 505 or 0121 336 4900

For any stationery orders or pricing queries

0845 9 505 505 or 0121 336 4900


Contact and Support

DPD Customer Service number

If you are unsatisfied with the services of DPD Customer Service, feel free to reach the support services by writing an email about your issues and the senior service executives will get back to you shortly. Be sure to mention your correct contact details in the email. Also, you can call the service team for detailed information regarding the services. Here are some of the other ways by which you can reach the service support team:

  1. Contact the DPD Customer Service number.
  2. Contact the DPD customer care support providers by sending an email in the registered mail.
  3. Check-in via different social media platforms such as Facebook and
  4. Visit the DPD Official contact us page.
  5. Have a chat session with the support team on the official website.

Connect with DPD on Social Media

Now you can follow DPD on different social media platforms to get updated news and offers. Apart from this, you can also share your feedback regarding the service team representatives and provide suggestions to enhance the services for other clients. Here are the links to the different social media platforms:

  1. Facebook
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  3. YouTube

DPD – FAQ ( Frequently Ask Questions)

How can I track my shipment?

The DPD tracking helpline number is composed of 14 digits, possibly including a check digit or letter. You will get the tracking number from the sender.

How can I change the place or day of delivery?

As the consignee, you choose when or where we carry the package. You can select from four transferal options in order to have your parcel supplied the way it suits you best. You commonly receive an email with the parcel number. In the parcel stalking function four resending options are nearby to you, e.g. you can give us a payment okay, redirect your parcel to a national or a parcel shop of your superior or change the day of delivery. In your “Favorites” you can register the type of delivery which is generally the most appropriate for you.

What Should I do if the parcel I have received will damage?

Apparent damages must be informed immediately by classification a grumble on the shipping document when receiving the goods. Non-apparent damages (package intact but product damaged) must be notified in writing to the truck within seven employed days from receiving the goods. Claims for return must always be presented to the party paying for the freight.

What shipping documents are required in international parcel shipments?

The documents will be firm by the type of goods and by the taxes requirements of the importing country. If the parcel is being sent to a country outside the UK, it must be attended by either a commercial invoice or a preformed invoice. A preform invoice should be used when the goods have no marketable value. The preform invoice value may not be zero (0).

Can someone else collect my parcel at a DPD Parcel Shop? 

Yes, you can authorize somebody different to collect your parcel. You must ensure that the person has a copy of your ID.

Will I receive a proof of shipment?

You will receive the delivery orders with the parcel label. This also states the number of parcels and the parcel amounts in your shipment. This document is signed by the DPD Pickup parcel shop. It is also your proof of shipment.

What Packaging material may be used, how must the parcels be packed?

  1. External packaging:
    For packaging purposes, new, high-quality packaging resources which are necessarily strong and will not pause even if the plastic packets are stacked plumb must be used.
  2. Padding:
    Filler material must be added to the bundle in order to prevent the program of its contents through transport. Freight items which are simply broken or damaged must be packed in individual packages.
  3. Sealing:
    Parcels must be strongly sealed with non-tear tape suitable for transportation packaging. String, cord or paper casing must not be used. To be on the safe side, the dispatcher’s address details must also be placed inside the parcel.

What happens if the parcel cannot be delivered?

Has the receiver refused the parcel? Or is it not possible to bring the parcel for another reason? Then we will return the parcel to you. We will not charge any additional fees for this but you will not be refunded the shipping costs.


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  1. nathan Harris

    I was sent a Msg stating my parcel wi be delivered on the 27th November on that date i received a Msg saying dpd cannot deliver it as you haven’t received it i think this is an unfair way to work as my parcel was very important you should tell a customer there parcel will be on a date if it isn’t I’m not happy with dpd and will not be using them again

    1. Amie

      I’m fuming. I’ve spent in total £15 for next day delivery and you have failed on both parcels. There is no option to speak to a real person and we are now in a situation the gifts have not arrived and I’m out of pocket. Your service levels are poor if you think this is acceptable. I expect a full refund on costs and an explanation and a phone call from a real person.

  2. Rob

    Told me the exact that my parcell had not been collected either my parcell should of been collected on 30/12/2015. Its 2/01/2016 they still tell me they aint collected it. They are very unhelpfull aswell.

  3. bianca

    I was in when my parcel was going to be delievered then i recieved a message saying unable to be delivered i dont understand how that has happened as i was in and there is a 24hr concierge there who would of taken the parcel im so angrey as im going on holiday the next day that is why i paid for next day delivery

    1. Gary Payne

      I’ve had the same problem and caught the delivery driver doing the same and got a load of threats and abuse from the driver and when I see him delivering around my home area he shouts out abuse and is very dangerous when he’s driving along side doing this , thanks !!



  5. Gary Payne

    I’ve had abuse and violent threats from a local delivery driver for dpd hedge end depot, I’ve complained twice and to the manager but he denies that this has happened on several occasions but still he believes a driver before a customer ! That’s DPD FOR YOU ! I’ve just had to cancel a delivery to another company from because I refused to be abused by drivers at my door and threatening to be run over by this has been rubbish abusive company that ofcom are going to investigate. Now maybe we can all have a decent company that delivers on time and no abusive threats by incompetent managent and vetting as I’ve found out the company have ex criminals working also for them,just shows what sort of company your dealing with if your want decent service and not threats and abuse from DPD which no one needs from a supposed well known company but they don’t know there staff problems!!!!

  6. Gary Payne


  7. Alison Hyde

    I received a txt telling me my hr slot then a couple of hrs later got another txt saying parcel not delivered as nobody in to sign for it and a card been put thru the door. NO CARD LEFT & I’ve NOT left my house. 2nd time within a couple of weeks. NOT HAPPY AT ALL.

  8. david crozier

    I was told I’d get a call from the driver 1 hour before
    Delivery to make sure I’d be in, got home card in
    Door,no phone call and annoying recorded message
    Saying the same shit,parcel to be delivered tomorrow
    Probably without a phone call, and no one to speak to
    On the phone to complain or explain that EE told me
    I’d get a call 1 hour before delivery. So I guess this
    Means sitting in wasting time or miss delivery again.

  9. R Mackay

    My parcel was left on east coast of Scotland instead of west. Your drivers need some lessons in Geography or navigation.

    1. j smith

      my parcel is apparently in havant Southampton instead of Aberdeen fgs two parcels sent by the same person at the same time and they keep giving me the run around. It’s a present for our 5 year olds birthday am fuming.

  10. Mrs Richer

    I received no call or 1 hour delivery time. The delivery address was for my neighbour but they knocked on my door when it was obvious I was not yet up, and when I got to the door they were disappearing out of the street. The contact number on the card they left was for an automated line with no chance to speak to someone and it was 15 minutes before I found a number with a response by which time the van was miles away.
    The parcel contains an expensive plant and it was despatched two days ago. Today is Friday and the next
    possible delivery is Monday, when it will probably arrive dead. This is NOT good customer service!

  11. Sarah Jones

    I had a parcel to be delivered this morning I was IN ALL MORNING and received a text to say I have missed it!!!!!!! Now I can’t talk to a person to explain, I can pick it up from a drop of depo but automated message says MKNDAY and as I am in I think it should be delivered today. WHY CANT PEOPLE DO THERE JOBS!!!!!!!!!!

  12. James Hardwick

    I paid for a am delivery and now i am told that my wifes valentine parcel wont arrive till 6pm.
    Every phone number i ring it says we are closed.
    Dpd you are crap at what you do.
    I will be intouch

  13. Chris Morecroft

    This is the worst deliver service.

    i took a day off work to wait in for my parcel – 5 minutes ago i received a message stating that Cornelius could not deliver as there was no one at my address – this is total bull – i have already taken deliver of another parcel from a better service.

    Cornelius couldn’t be bothered to ring my door bell – is he.she really going to get paid a days salary for driving around with undelivered parcels? absolutely disgusting – what a disgusting customer service you have at DPD – no wonder you cannot get through on the phone and its automated – you wouldn’t be able to handle the complaints…
    You should be ashamed to call yourselves a parcel deliver company – AS YOU DO NOT DELIVER PARCELS.

    i will not do business with anyone who uses your service and will personally not use your service for my company.

  14. Kenny Dickson

    Unbelievably bad service , would never use them again , I have been waiting for delivery & then I get a massage saying parcel could not be delivered as no one was home , I have been I the house all the time , same happened a few days ago , this time I seen the van arriving, by the time I had walked 40 feet from my side door he was driving away , couldn’t have been in my drive 20 seconds & he leaving!!!! , what chance have we got with service like this , & near I possible to speak to anyone (all automated)


  15. N Rose

    Two parcels were delivered to my address which I did not order and should have been delivered to another address. Tried phoning DPD but cannot get through to any living person. I’ve sent them an e-mail using the one advertised on there website and still no one has bothered to reply. I’m now stuck with two parcels. What away to run a company. The word shit comes to mind.

  16. Angela Baines

    Message to say can’t deliver my parcel as there’s no one in to sign for it. The address is an office, own car park, no one has been here. Furious. You call DPD and you just get an automated service. Disgusting.

  17. sue Grainger

    Waste of time , automated service my parcel has been out for delivery for days , trying to find out where it is !!!! you cannot find an email to email this company either , feel like driving to the actual depot

    1. sue Grainger

      did you manage to find an email address ? mind you not much good if they don’t reply is it !!! yeah what a way to run a company

  18. Jeanette

    Anyone know how I can talk to a human? Can’t seem to find a number that allows this. Same as above. Next day delivery and email saying out when we are not. Must have gone to wrong address!

  19. stephen endean

    Tried to complain about a 24hr delivery sent thursday so delivery day friday so stayed in all day for fuck all so i tried to send an email only to be rejected as it wont send with it highlighting its not a valid post code strange as ive lived here since 1998, so tried the 0121 number to speak to someone only to be greeted by an automated machine asking what the parcel number is quite funny when im not the sender so dont have the details but got it so put it in to the voice activation machine who said in a garbled msg that it will be delivered tomorrow being Monday but i have a small problem called “work” but worse still I’ve kept the weekend available to finish my track day bike, DPD get a system that deals with humans not the crap system you use which infuriates people!!!!!!!

  20. Mr. K. Evans.

    My son arranged for a parcel to be delivered to our address. The courier simply put a card in the letterbox, without ringing the front doorbells (yes, we have TWO!) or even knocking the door, with me sat in the living room not 10 feet away and my wife there also doing her ironing! There is nothing wrong with our hearing.
    Basically, the drivers need a good toe in the Arse.

  21. tink

    I waited in for DPD only to receive a message to say they couldn’t deliver parcel as noone at home – totally shit service .

  22. H P Marsollier

    Worse delivery company ever, drivers can’t even be bothered to give the home owner a chance to get to the door!
    2 nd time I’ve been let down by these people!
    I certainly wouldn’t send a parcel with them.

  23. Renju

    rubbish! Waiting in for delivery between 14.38and 15.48 .I’ve been here since 14.00, but get message at 15:30 that no one at home. Crapppppp . And there is no way to contact them!!!!!!

  24. bobby riyait

    i was waiting at work this morning for my delivery. next thing i know my phone text to say there was no one there to sign for my delivery. absolute rubbish!! cant even chat to a person as every number goes through to the same automated system. really bad customer liasion

  25. chris

    fuck your bull shit drivers and company you useless shit cunts. i want my money back for my delivery charge. failed to delivery my package. got a text saying no one was in to sign for it which is bullshit, your shit cunt driver didnt even attempt to knock my door. im livid and want a refund as this was vital it arrived today

  26. Emily

    From reading the posts, looks like DPD drivers regularly miss deliveries and blame it on the customer not being home. Someone was at home all day, and 4 of us around during the delivery window.

    Parcel did not arrive, and I got an email/text saying we were not in. It’s just that the photo the driver posted on the tracking page apparently showing where they left a calling card does not actually show our door, or any door on our road. So the driver either went to the wrong address, or just posted a random photo onto the page.

    Pretty shocking for a professional delivery company.


    DPD are calling to collect a parcel from me tomorrow I need to know the time You are collecting from 197 Park lane Knebworth herts between 9.0 and 5.0 I would be grateful if you could narrow this time down for me

  28. Ngozi Opene

    Rubbish service, incompetent drivers and nonchalant attitude of all staff

  29. Sarah

    How is this dreadful company still trading? Judging by all the reviews, everyone has had similar experiences. It’s impossible to talk to anyone personally and even their email contact bounces back. Appallingly bad.

  30. Janie Brown

    i wish to make a coplaints about the behaviour of a delivery driver in my area, very aggressive driving . Please give me a company contact number before i report him to the police

  31. ED

    what a load of crap. what a shite service. there is absolute no point in your automated service. useless. grrrrrrr. i need my urgent parcel that was supposed to be delivered yesterday. now i don’t have time to rearrange my order. you have turned my good day into a panic. thank you DshiteD

  32. Ian Rae

    Wank wank and wank, worse fucking service ever, a delivery for Thursday was then Friday and now Monday, 2 days off work and a grand lost in wages, you should be closed down.

  33. Dr R patel

    Driver went to the wrong address. Photo of the door, taken by the driver, clearly shows he went to the wrong property. I had left instructions on their web site to have it delivered at the local post office. They obviously do not read the customer delivery requests. Got a text message saying they could not deliver the parcel!!!!

    Help line is a total waste of time…automated system. I would have preferred to speak with an individual.

  34. S alex

    Today Saturday I’ve waited in all day as I paid for a delivery from 8-1700hrs. Received no text and rang dos several times, only getting recorded message

  35. Catherine Hursthouse

    Was told by supplier to expect delivery this morning. Had text to say delivery would be tomorrow. No good so arranged for delivery day after tomorrow. Followed by a text saying parcel would be delivered today between 9.00 and 10.00. waited in, no delivery although van delivered to a neighbour. Checked on help line delivery on Thursday (day after tomorrow) and will probably have to rearrange again. Automated system sends out inaccurate information.

  36. Ro

    It’s unbelievable that the driver cannot read an address properly and keeps leaving the calling card on the wrong flat. I’ve been home all day waiting for the delivery, tracking it from their app and then I receive a message saying “we couldn’t deliver your parcel because no one is there”… this has happen twice. I am calling them, but the answering machine keeps saying “your parcel is due from 12.00 to 13.00” and now it’s 13.37.

  37. Jordan Holroyd

    Waiting for a parcel but last update was on the 17th is now the 19th and parcel due tomorrow have no clue where it is right now

  38. Lucky to be alive

    Just nearly been killed by a DPD driver (White van YC13…) on the A149 near Holkham in North Norfolk,unbelievably he was reversing around a blind bend!I’ve seen a few stupid maneuvers in my time but this beats them all. If I had been going a few miles an hour faster or paying any less attention a very serious collision would have been inevitable. After the incident he sped off like a lunatic and then violently swerved into someones drive. I can only assume that he had had a good few drinks at lunchtime as I can’t think of any other reason for driving like this. Formal complaint made and Police informed. I hope the complaint gets through to his depot and they manage to get him off the road this afternoon before someone is killed.

  39. Julia Osborne

    Dreadful service – it reckoned driver was 15 mins away doing delivery No. 23 – I was No. 24 – could see on map he was stopped about 1/4 mile away. Moments later image of a house appeared on the DPD website – it reckoned no-one in so they had a left a card – Big problem in that this was the WRONG house and no way to retrieve the card, I had also been in the whole time. I moaned the other day as another delivery company was not allowed to give me my parcel until their central office updated my location on their systems, but at least he did it there and then and I got my item. A similar system with DPD would stop parcels and notes being left at wrong houses. DPD please note!!

  40. Peter

    Hi got on dpd maybe delivery post large box no please on bell bell on flashing lighting in my house I self house easy

    I am deaf , Did never used bell on light flashing lighting , then quick dpd away , wait time I will door open the door .
    Or in the brown bin hide better shh , or keep warden office 78 Garry place Dundee
    I am deaf I live in got text easy to me. No phone to me
    Thank you Peter Garvie

  41. Gary Dymock

    Utterly and totally bloody useless.

    Entered a place to leave it on web – driver ignored it.
    Driver didn’t try to leave with neighbour. Asif is a lazy so-and-so.

    Try to phone – system recognizes my number and plays the same message back to me.

    HP why do you use this beyond useless delivery company????

  42. anonymous

    What a horrible nasty attitude of a delivery driver who came to my work today he abused the rec staff and refused to wait 1 min till they could tell me he was here
    never experienced service like this if i did my job with this attitude i would be sacked
    I will never use this company again if i have a choice

  43. I want my £16 back

    I Paid £16 extra for Saturday delivery (which is a third of what the parcel is worth) because I really needed it today, time slot was 16:00 to 17:00, sat in my front room staring at the front door whilst checking the status on my phone I was #44, at 16:45 he was on #43 and about 5 mins away, 15 mins later the clock ticks over 17:00 and I get a message telling me its been rescheduled for tomorrow. I specifically paid £16 for Saturday not Sunday. I had plans for tomorrow but now I guess I’ll lay another day to waste. I will be calling on Monday and you will give me my money back.

  44. Roy

    How on earth do I speak to someone at DPD without a parcel number! Pathetic..

  45. Russell

    DPD have twice lied about attempted delivery on this particular occasion, they havelet me down before too and from previous experience are unreliable. There is not even a way of talking to them on the phone to resolve the false information entered on an IT system by drivers.
    I send a lot of parcels too and make a point of not using them!

  46. Najah

    Was in ALL day waiting for my parcel, kept track of it too with the parcel tracker… Saw when it said my parcel was an ‘estimated’ 42 minutes away so was extra vigilant as I was eagerly awaiting my goods. Whilst sat watching my T.V I received a message saying “sorry we’ve missed you, we tried to deliver your parcel but no one was in” BULLOCKS!! I was in ALL DAY, the driver ‘Udemme’ is a liar as he did not come! My buzzer did not ring and my door did not knock!! He also said he apparently left a calling card which again is Bullocks!!!! This company is a load of shit as you can tell by all the comments!! DO NOT USE OR RECOMMEND!!! Bastards!!!

  47. Philip (Addressee : Celia Birtwistle)

    Confirmed that hye would deliver to a neighbour, then texted to say nobody was in so they couldn’t deliver. The back of the card asks the delieverer if they have tried a neighbour with a Yes / No box, but they didn’t fil that in either. then a series of telephone calls where we get cut off.

  48. M.K

    Rubbish service, specifically gave number to text before delivery scheduled for today and found a card left to say they had attempted to deliver still morning but the card does not even have time of the attempted delivery. Delivery requested specifically for today as I am not working and the rest of the week I will be at work. You would have thought if they couldn’t be bothered to follow simple instructions to text prior to delivery so we have some idea of when they are delivering then the least they can do is put the time that they attempted to deliver. I’m sure DPD knows the kind of people that they are employing and they are aware of the rubbish service they provide that’s why they do not have a number where you can speak to someone apart from a machine even when you google to search for customer service you still get put through to the same answering machine message requesting for re-arranging delivery and all sorts of nonsense. I am very angry and would not recommend anyone in their right mind to use their service ever again unless you want to be left frustrated.

  49. Fran Davies

    What a crap service I was in then the idiot delivery driver left a card saying he had left my parcel with someone else

    in the area BUT WHERE,! He was supposed to come back but hasn’t bothered

  50. Jill Goode

    DPD are used by Luggage Mule to deliver. As we were travelling to Spain by train thought this was a good idea. Case picked up at time appointed by very polite driver . Very impressed. However 2 days into our holiday before we got our case. .Not good enough

  51. Paul

    What a bunch of fly by nights ! Absolutely garbage service, should be closed down by Trading Standards, no customer service, no person to talk to, no give a shix !

    DON’T USE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Matthew Locke

    DPD used to provide an excellent, courteous delivery service, delivering to the correct address within the time slot. NOT ANY MORE!
    I waited in for my delivery, only to find on the tracker that the driver could not find my house. The same driver arrived on Wednesday unannounced to deliver 2 packages from 2 different suppliers, but not my previous delivery. No way to contact anyone at DPD by phone on website, sent email, but still no response other than the automatic acknowledgement. My supplier contacted and arranged a new delivery, but I never received a time slot. Waited in all day but no delivery. Finally found depot could not find package. After speaking to a human, my package has been found and is scheduled for delivery tomorrow.
    FOR OTHER WITH PROBLEMS: Find your depot using google you will find address and phone number.

  53. Phil Hague

    Trying to inform you an unexpected parcel has been received so the intended recipient can get their goods.
    Not able to find a customer service number that is not automated.

    REALLY POOR – NOT ABLE TO COMMUNICATE and I still have electronic goods that someone is waiting for!!

  54. Dissapointed Customer

    Awful service!

    I have waited ALL DAY to receive my parcel, and I am currently AT HOME. The driver DID NOT BOTHER TO RING MY BELL!!! This is completely unacceptable, as I had re-arranged other important things I had to do today in the busy run up to Christmas. It has been a complete waste of my day. Let’s see if they deliver tomorrow…

  55. G Turner

    The most abysmal service of any company I,ve ever dealt with, and by far the worst of all the delivery service companies.

    The only saving grace was the superb, polite and common sense of a gentleman called Hass on the service line. He should take over the ownership and running of the whole DPD business.

  56. Nabil

    I got a text my delivery round 7pm and 8pm I’ve been home waiting for it and the last minute I got a text you wasn’t home. I’ve been waiting for it since 5pm nobody ring My Bell . Also they said
    . we were unable to deliver your parcel as there was no one present to sign for the delivery. This is the worst company I saw all on my life. They lie not trustful and you shouldn’t

  57. David Clark

    Dpd what a shambles , should have had a delivery yesterday between 4 and 5 pm , 4.50 pm got a text message to say as we were not in they had left a note and could we rearrange a date . I live in a cul de sac and was sitting in a chair looking out of the window all the time …..on their website the note was left allegdly at some random house not even in our village …..lies and lies …why not just be honest and admit they ran out of time , instead of making me out to be at fault ……
    Next time I order from a company if they use DPD I will cancel …….

  58. A.nother Liedtocustomer

    Read your rights under the Consumer Protection Act 2015 and rejoice.

  59. KP

    DPD Snetterton are great. Always on time. Paul is great, he was always early and very pleasant. Thanks DPD for a good service.

  60. Please be aware that 24/7 Helpline give an information about DPD Helpline and Dial Direct Pone Number 08445-560-560 & Get Help in one click! 24/7.

    1. Munya

      this a lie. this number is answered by a machine and the machine does not give you time to explain your query.

  61. If you are looking for DPD Helpline Service & Support Contact Phone Numbers in UK? Dial Direct Pone Number 08445-560-560 & Get Help in one click! 24/7.

  62. DPD Helpline Contact Phone Customer Service on 08445-560-560 or call their freephone TelePhone number 0121 275 0500.


    Absolutely useless! Have been trying to contact DPD for two days on the lead up to a trip. It is the day I fly and still not delivered. I requested that my parcel left with a neighbour who I knew was in all day via the email confirmation system and on the (automated) phone number they provide. Used the tel number provided by another disgruntled victim above (0121 2750501) and finally got to speak to someone. They informed me that the request had not been applied even though I have had countless emails confirming and the automated tel service saying it would be left nearby. Also got a card saying it would be delivered to my local pickup, that was a wasted trip. I will be contacting the seller and pursuing this on social media, you guys are clearly too incompetent to be allowed to operate! I urge everyone to do the same so that sellers stop using this mickey mouse service.

  64. V drewer

    Have tried calling different numbers but can’t speak to anyone unless I have a parcel. No good to me as I am complaining about a delivery driver who delivered a parcel to my neighbour opposite, jumped in his van and tried to turn the vehicle round in the smallest space and reversed into a tree and broke a major breach off. Disgusting and no thought for the verge or trees. Van reg number was YE 62 KCY. We all witnessed it and I hope he is made to replant a new one.

  65. daniel Dunbar

    Poor Company. You wait in all day and you get a text saying no-one was in and took a picture of the electric fence. Why didn’t they try the front door or even come through the gate to the house. perfective

  66. Denise Packham

    driver turned up to deliver assumed we were not in as car not on driveway, didn’t even bother to ring doorbell, this has happened in the last 10 mins.

  67. Alexandra Szabo

    I got a message my parcel will be delivered today. Stayed home, took a day off. Sitting in the launge all day. Message arrived: could not deliver, nobody home to sign. Are you kidding me? It was a really important package. Rubbish service. No costumer service, no one to talk to. How can a business exist like this?

  68. Ady

    I was waiting for my mobile phone delivery today so took a day off from work and stayed home as I was going away next day for few days. I was tracking from early morning as I did not want to miss it. When I checked it for the 10th time my delivery was at number 32 and they were delivering 29 at that moment. So I thought they are going to be here soon and I was constantly looking at the door and checked if my bell was working. After half an hour when I checked the status, it said parcel sent back to the sender, rejected by Joana. I was totally shocked. Firstly, nobody named Joana or closest to that name lives in my house. And that day It was just me and my dad. Secondly, the doorbell did not even ring so how come it was rejected. I phone customer service straight away and I told the lady about this situation. After a long conversation, we came to a conclusion saying I will go and pick it up from the Southall depo as I will not be home for few days and I needed the phone urgently. The lady asked me to go to depo between 4 pm and 7.30pm. I reached depo at 7 pm and asked for my parcel for which the staff at the collection point said that they cannot track my parcel. I asked them politely how do I get it and they had no clue. So I asked for the manager. The manager came outside and said the same thing that there was no update and it was false information from the customer service. For me, the disappointing part was there was no sign of concern. They were not sorry and tried their level best to dismiss the conversation not help me at all. Apparently, the customer service lady did not let them know that I was coming to collect the parcel which I believe they did not want to give me the parcel.
    I freaking wasted my whole day, wasted my time, wasted my fuel to get to the depot and such a cold service from the people who so proudly called himself manager but not humble enough to say sorry. Sorry does not mean you are wrong and I am right. It is simply being sorry for the situation that I was in and I was so upset as I was going through so much of hassle for unnecessary things created by their team. I am quite surprised that some companies are not checking the overall rating of DPD and still using the service. They are ruining their reputation along with DPD. Well DPD does not seem to care, but companies should. Do not ever use the service. This is the second time I’m being disappointed with DPD’s service. The first time they delivered our item to our neighbor when we were at home whole day waiting for them. USELESS DRIVERS and USELESS SERVICE

  69. Islam

    I was given time frame for delivery today between 11:31-12:31 and I was waiting for the delivery around 11:53 I have received text message by saying that driver couldn’t contact to me on the phone and therefore, rescheduled for some other day. I was waiting on my house also using my phone for time passing there was no knock on the door or either any phone calls. total waste of time disgusting

  70. Joseph Grennell

    You cannot contact DPS by phone! I went to the warehouse in Peterborough because my very expensive purchase was not delivered.

    It was scanned into the warehouse 3 days ago but it never left, but they could not locate it after 1 hour of searching. Their explanation – NONE
    So where is my product? it was definitely scanned into the warehouse and never left it for delivery and it cannot be found.
    So it was stolen?? They can only assume so even though they have CCTV all over the warehouse.


  71. Iain

    Be carefull of the drop off service.

    I booked a parcel in, took it to nearest place (sainsburys), they scaned it and told me it should be delivered next day, got a reciept card etc.

    One week later, the parcel is still at drop off point. Contact helpline and was told that place is not a drop off point and “that’s the reason”. I went into sainsburys to find out what is going on and was told PDP stopped picking up there the day after I dropped it off. It was a drop off point when taken there, PDP lied and tried to make out it was my fault.


  72. Meena Roshan

    Magnificent points altogether, you simply won a emblem new reader. What might you suggest about your put up that you just made some days in the past? Any certain?

  73. Kevin McNally

    Recieved 1 hour time slot. Waited in but no show, then recieved email saying I wasn’t in. Complete bull. Tried to rearrange delivery then told parcel has been delivered and signed for. So the driver has decided he can’t be arsed to deliver my goods and then forged my signature and stolen my parcel.
    Tried to phone local depot, 3 times they hung up without answering so I sent an email to their “make it right” nonesense. Recieved reply with promise to contact me within 90 minutes. Still waiting. I will not buy anything from any company who use these cowboys.

  74. Poppy chapple

    Hi, I am really annoyed as I was told my parcel would have been delivered on the 22nd of November but now it is not going to be delivered Until the 27th. I was in desperate need for it to be delivered this week. I am utterly disappointed



  76. Mahmood Anver-ali

    DPD are employing a bunch of idiots. I have been waiting for my parcel. It was to be delivered between 1230 and 130pm. Then I get a message saying that the parcel will not be delivered as there is no one to sign for it and that a card for re delivery has been left. There is no card meaning that the driver has pulled a fast one. Called customer service and was told cannot get hold of the driver will find out if he will deliver it today if not it will be tomorrow. Just goes to show what DPD and their staff are capable of doing.

  77. kat

    Have had 4 message saying they have tried to deliver my parcel and a calling card has been left. Absolute rubbish, either myself or my mum was at home on all they days they claimed they had called. And no way to speak to them directly. Incompetence at its finest

  78. mark ssutton

    sunday morning i thought the front door had been put through almighty bang.went down dpd driver stood there told him about knocking so hard .very arrogant rude didnt care attitude .took his name route number not bothered at all.DPD will be the ext white arrow with emplyees like this .tried contacting DPD as usual no answer i wouldnt use this again arrogant cocky dispespectfull employees.

  79. Derek

    I received an email from Amazon saying my delivery by DPD would be between 11 a.m and 1p.m and I would be notified on my time slot an hour before. Knowing this my wife took the children to school, on her return DPD had tried to deliver the parcel at 8.30 a.m and had missed the delivery. The item we had paid express delivery for was for our car which wasn’t running and we needed the part urgently. I called DPD Dartford depot and spoke to Wendy, who swiftly and politely got the driver to return with our much awaited part. The car is now fixed and we are delighted with DPD, especially Wendy who does her job most diligently and effiently. I said it on the phone and I’ll say it again … Many thanks Wendy, you are a star !

  80. Jolita Ramanauskaite

    Don’t call yourselves delivery experts!! you’re not, you couldn’t deliver to your own depot!

  81. Hank

    I just received a message from you saying that you are on the way,so I ve stayed in benn expecting you and then I find out its home time, the office shut, the 9-5 driver has finished his shift and gone home I’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to resume….. Well I just had to check for myself I thought u was just joking….. Turns out u was serious I want to come get it myself, respect man seriously yours I wouldn’t dare claim to be the best at them hours Royal Mail as you beaten…………

  82. Hank

    That’s really offensive, I wouldn’t stand for that, another speedy response from TEAM DPD, narrowly beaten the Royal mail team and a message in a bottle……

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