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Vodafone Customer Care Number UK

With so many numbers and websites on the Internet, it’s hard to find the right Vodafone customer care number. You may need to contact the company and get the instant response for issues related to Vodafone broadband or telecommunication services. The good news is you have landed on the right page.

On this page, you will not only find a well-researched list of all prominent Vodafone customer care UK numbers but also guidance to another contact Vodafone UK using other means of communication. Let’s take an overview of Vodafone service first.

Vodafone Overview


Vodafone is a telecom giant serving billions of customers around the world with the largest network coverage in the world. Founded in 1982, the company was initially serving the UK military with the first radio technology.

Today, Vodafone offers the finest mobile communication services not only in the United Kingdom but over 26 countries around the globe. Besides this, Vodafone is also known for providing the excellent broadband services that have satisfied millions of customers till the date.

Contact Vodafone UK

Contact Vodafone UK - Vodafone customer care UK
Contact Vodafone UK – Vodafone customer care UK


Not only for providing commendable telecom and broadband services, but Vodafone is also famous for providing the most satisfactory customer support services in their field.

If you have any issues with their services or need some help with a general query, you can contact Vodafone UK customer care number at 0871 434 3174. If you want to browse detailed information about what they offer, it’s great to visit their official website.

Vodafone has a dedicated customer support team who only focuses on the quality of client services. Vodafone customer service agents are available as per your convenience. Customers can make a call anytime for any issue during the business hours.

Get in touch with them by any means; you will always get the premium assistance services. Below is a list of some of the ways using which you can get in touch with the Vodafone customer support team:

  • Phoning at Vodafone customer care number UK
  • Sending an email
  • Connect via social media channels
  • Visit Vodafone Official Contact Us


  • Vodafone customer support team - Vodafone customer care UK
    Vodafone customer support team – Vodafone customer care UK

Vodafone Business Services

If you are a business customer or contractor, you can put all your corporate inquiries at Vodafone customer care number UK free 0808 060 0802 (for businesses with 1-9 employees) and 0808 004 4495 (for businesses with 10-99 employees). Calling at these figures will not charge you anything since these are toll-free numbers.

If you need help with corporate sales and relevant issues, it’s easy to get in touch with Vodafone customer support team. Simply dial their dedicated Vodafone customer care UK number 0845 241 9560, which is a helpline Vodafone UK customer care number.

Vodafone Customer Care Number UK Free

Vodafone Helpline Contact  Phone Customer Service on 0871 434 3174 or call their freephone TelePhone number 08080-408-408 from any standard UK landline or mobile phone. This company is officially one of the biggest mobile communications companies in the world today. The company provides wide-ranging mobile communication services in 26 countries around the world. The company also collaborates with several networks in around 55 countries around the world through the many comprehensive and mutually beneficial partnerships that it has formed.

Globally, the company serves more than 444 million customers. In the United Kingdom alone, the company serves more than 19.5 million customers. Over the years, the company has demonstrated an unquenchable thirst in offering award-winning services to customers. It believes firmly in customer satisfaction, thus the desire to surpass what its customers expect.

Vodafone UK customer care number

Vodafone UK customer care
Vodafone UK customer care


The mobile communication provider has divided its services into two categories, which are personal and business. Under personal services, have the Vodafone allows customers to upgrade and see their latest bill online. With Vodafone personal services, customers receive rewards for subscribing to the Pay As You Go plans. Under the services, you can buy your preferred gadgets at discounts.

In addition to the Pay As You Go plan, you can also subscribe to the Pay Monthly or the SIM Only package. Furthermore, you can order for tablets and dongles from the company’s online shop. A few of the accessories that are available in the online store include Power Bank and the Sure Signal device, which allows you to create a robust and stable 3G signal anywhere.

List of Vodafone Customer Care Numbers

Vodafone Customer Service Complaint Number

If you require the intervention of customer service regarding the quality of personal service that you receive, find ways of making contact with the department. We have the reason for calling is to file a complaint with customer service, the number that you should call is 0333 304 0191. If you have a Vodafone mobile phone, use it to contact customer service through 191.

Do not wallow in your unhappiness when the mobile communications provider has created several avenues that you can use to file complaints. If you do not prefer phone calls, possibly because they are costly, visit “How to make complaints” page for the opportunity to use Live Chat, which is the fastest way of contacting customer service.


Vodafone Customer Service Complaint Number - Vodafone customer care UK
Vodafone Customer Service Complaint Number – Vodafone customer care UK



Vodafone Customer Care Helpline Number UK - Vodafone customer care UK
Vodafone Customer Care Helpline Number UK – Vodafone customer care UK


That would bring many individuals who actually have no coverage in coverage, Laurence said. Combining the abilities of both businesses would allow greater coverage more cost effective than if every individual company had pursued this kind of extension, Laurence said. Ofcom is probably to attach a 98% residents coverage mandate to one 800MHz LTE license. With both operators in the position to meet that need more cost efficiently, they’ll both be in a strong position to bid for that license. There’s the possibility that the strategy may see 800MHz spectrum are more significant to the two operators.

Vodafone Contact Tips

Keep these things in mind when calling at Vodafone UK customer care number.

Vodafone UK customer care number - Vodafone customer care UK
Vodafone UK customer care number – Vodafone customer care UK


  • Pay Monthly customers who call customer service on 191 through their Vodafone phones will not pay any fee.
  • Customers who subscribe to the Pay Monthly plan have to pay a one-time connection fee of 25p when calling customer service on 191.
  • You have to pay standard call charges when making calls to the customer service number that begins with 0333.

O2 and Vodafone will construct one consolidated network grid over the UK, sharing cell site equipment and backhaul infrastructure at 18, 500 places. O2 may operate the grid in Northern Ireland, Scotland, the East of England and North London. Vodafone may take responsibility for the West of England, South London, and Wales. That may mean that every operator may be indicating the network operator their area of responsibility, creating its own RFQs and running procurement individually. The deployment and abilities of both managing businesses will soon be brought to bear on each geographical area, under the managing of the lead operator, which the providers hope will deliver even faster rollouts. You can know more about this by calling at Vodafone UK customer care number.

Most of our distinction is available in the core network, Laurence said. Ronan Dunne, Telefonica UK CEO said, Building networks is vaguely fascinating to customers, but placing services on them is very intriguing. There’ll be some network combination as a result of the combined grid rollout, with an estimated ten percent of the existing sites currently possessed by O2 and Vodafone being decommissioned. The shared deployment may also result in network expansion, with new sites offering coverage to preceding notspots, especially with regards to indoor coverage. Both operators said they’d offer 2G and 3G interior coverage to 98% of the Uk residents by the year 2015 – for 2G, 3G and LTE services.

Vodafone Customer Service Street Address

If you want to visit the Vodafone customer service, or prefer the traditional method of posting handwritten letter, use the following address of Vodafone office in the United Kingdom:

Vodafone House,

The Connection,

Newbury RG14 2FN,

The UK

When you are using this method of communicating with the company, make sure you keep all related information with you. It will help the service providers to answer your queries without any hassle. It will help you get an instant support regarding all your issues and queries.

Bear in mind! Treat the Vodafone customer support agents nicely. This is because all calls you make at the given Vodafone UK customer care number are recorded for quality check. Also, remember that the support team is not responsible for the technical and network issue happened to you. The primary number of Vodafone, customer care department, is 0871 434 3174. All calls made at this number will be charged as per your operator’s tariff plans.

Follow Vodafone on Social Media

Vodafone on Social Media - Vodafone customer care UK
Vodafone on Social Media – Vodafone customer care UK


Do you find social media the comfortable way to reach the Vodafone customer care team? Are you not convenient with calling at Vodafone UK customer care number and speaking to a real person? Thankfully, Vodafone is very active on social media too, allowing the customers to use their favourite platform for reaching them.

here, we have a good news for all Vodafone customers. Vodafone customer support team is recognized as the most responsive team in the telecom industry. By using social media platform, you can reach them for enquiries related to billing, products, services and technical assistance. You can also stay updated with all their new deals, product and service release. You can also get Vodafone UK customer care number through social media sites.

Vodafone social media accounts’ links are given here:

Check out this video to know the new agreement released by Vodafone!

Share your experience, feedback, and complaints you have with Vodafone UK customer care number in the comment section below.

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